GigWorld Inc

Company Overview


7 Mar 2012: Ontarget Staffing Inc. was incorporated in Delaware, USA
14 Aug 2013: Company name changed to "Fragmented Industry Exchange Inc."
3 Dec 2014: Company name changed to "HotApp International Inc."
29 Dec 2017: Company name changed to "HotApp BlockChain Inc."
1 Feb 2020: Company name changed to "GigWorld Inc."

About GigWorld Inc.

GIGWorld is an Internet technology company focusing on Business-to-Business-to-Consumer B2B2C. Our platform enables communities to create, communicate and collaborate more effectively. With our proven track record in digital transformation for major real estate agents, network marketing organizations, enterprise messaging and eCommerce platforms, we offer an effective technology framework that will accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.

​Our latest technology services include Mobile Apps development, Backend Integration, BlockChain, smart contract architecture and ICO technical consulting services.

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