SingXpress Tower

SingXpress Tower has been envisioned to add a new dimension to contemporary city living, countouring Singapore skyline with smart engineering and aesthetic design. This green residential and office skyscraper design is intended to help preserve the environment while creatively providing a wholesome living and working environment.

Accordingly, SingXpress Tower seeks to have a single 50 storey block comprised of large units of approximately 12,000 sq.ft.fitted with the latest energy efficient building features and technologies in line with Singapore green sustainability agenda. Besides having a mechanical cross ventilation system to lessen chilled air consumption in the building, natural energy will be harnessed from the environment by installing solar panels on the roof as well as photoelectrical sensors.

Complementing this will be a SingXpress Club "office living room" that will provide an inviting array of exclusive facilities for tenants such as a café, swimming pool, a gymnasium for sports and yoga, guest houses, and conference rooms.

The Group is presently seeking a suitable land parcel in Singapore for this project.

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