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Chan Heng Fai (Fai) was born in Hong Kong in 1944. He studied in Hong Kong, Switzerland and England. While in College in London he saw that there was a gap in the market as international students like him had a hard time exploring Europe and travelling home. He started a aircraft chartering business to cater for this niche with only GBP100 in his pocket. Within three years he was able to open up 11 international offices with over 300 staff and see his first successful business sold in 1972 for GBP500,000.

Since then Fai has focused in investing in distressed companies that are in need of restructuring, recapitalising, rebranding, remodeling and reorganising.

Businesses that Fai has been involved in the past including American Pacific Bank, Global Med, SkyWest and China Gas and American Fronteer Financial Corporation. There have been many other companies along the way but not all of them have seen the same level of success.

One of his recent achievements is SingXpress, a property development company listed in Singapore. The company originally was a travel company that he converted into a property development company. In a short span of three years he was able to grow the company to a hundred fold its original NAV.

Xpress Group Ltd is listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, before Fai's involvement the NAV was HKD30 Million, today the company's NAV is in excess of HKD 950 Million. Xpress Group is a property development and investment company.