Company Overview

M.O.R.E. Property, a boutique real estate consultancy, was conceptualized and founded by Shawn Tan, together with a team of experienced and professional partners. Together, we are committed to our partners, consultants and clients to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.

At M.O.R.E. Property, we dare to be different, and constantly strive to be the best in the industry. To achieve these goals, M.O.R.E.Property adopts and leverages strongly on modern, proven technology which improves efficiency and productivity, create new opportunities through mobile access to real-time information and notifications, and bring about cost-savings and greater synergies through improved economies-of-scale, all at the lowest possible cost and minimal effort.

This wide array of technological tools and proven systems and business models gives M.O.R.E. Property a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive industry. Through close partnerships and alliances with industry partners such as other real estate agencies and professionals, M.O.R.E. Property aims to achieve greater competitive advantage and economies of scale through substantial cost-savings, greater efficiency and productivity.

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