Heng Fai Asset Management Pte. Ltd

Company Overview

Technological innovations and globalization of world economies means that there are more financials products than ever before. In this sea of financial products, we observed that there is a lack of investment opportunities in strategies that produces extremely low draw downs with consistent returns.

To this end, Algo Tradelab is focused on developing unique strategies that reward investors with regular payouts at minimal risks. Such strategies are systematic in nature and robust models are implemented to execute them. Our edge in our strategies is our understanding of liquidity and the opportunities it brings. Liquidity flows from market to market and asset class to asset class. To capture the flow of liquidity, we seek to implement our strategies across multi markets and multi asset classes. Therefore, we should be always over-weighted in the most liquid products and under-weighted in the least liquid products. At the end of the day, our ability to chase after the liquidity flow across markets, asset classes and time zones will ensure the consistent returns to our investors. In order to handle multiple markets and maximize the opportunities, we have global offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and New York for our trading and research. Understanding the need for communication, we will be deploying over 20 marketing offices across the world so that we can be easily accessible to our investors.

Algo Tradelab formed a strong core team with like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds. It is our belief that a multi-disciplinary approach is the key to our success. We welcome you to join us on this journey of creating value and hope that the rewards of our consistency will be shared all around. 

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