Credas Capital Pte. Ltd

Company Overview

Alset Novum Alpha Dynamic Digital Asset Allocation ETP uses sophisticated auto-rebalancing algorithms to participate and profit from a basket of the Top 15 cryptocurrencies, while reducing volatility and increasing returns.
As only the world’s second actively-managed cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Product, the ETP is available to both retail and institutional investors in all jurisdictions where such offerings are permitted.
Alset Novum Alpha Dynamic Digital Asset Allocation ETP provides investors with access to a diversified, actively- managed and liquid cryptocurrency portfolio that is automatically rebalanced periodically based on proprietary factors and that seeks to outperform buying and holding a basket of cryptocurrencies.
The cryptocurrency allocation is determined using Novum Alpha’s proprietary algorithms that leverage the best in data science, in-depth research, and technical and fundamental analysis to provide the right mix of cryptocurrencies at the right time.

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