Company Overview

HotApp International Inc is a dynamic company that aims to be the leader in the VoIP, messaging, conferencing and mobile portal space through the development of revolutionary mobile applications that will change the way the consumers will communicate.

HotApp seeks to have a clear understanding of people needs: “ An easier life”, “ A more enjoyable life” & “ A more sociable life”.


HotApp aims to streamline the 4 main portals of the mobile industry – Instant Messaging, Social, VoIP and E-Commerce with this application.

The application allows for users and companies to reach out to the wider population globally in a bid to make new friends and business connections without the hassle of downloading multiple social application’s.

Companies are also able to tap on the global database of users in the promotion of new products and cross boundaries in conducting sales through a mobile platform without having the need to upload the information on a web portal. 

Download the App here:

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